Fried dill pickles

up close

For being someone who isn’t into snack foods, I’ve sure been on a roll with them. I made homemade Cheez Its. I just finished a bag of pretzels that I bought for a beach day the weekend before the 4th. And now I’ve made a bar food/Southern appetizer staple: fried dill pickles.


The fried pickles weren’t technically my choice, though. My mom has a ginormous (technically one gallon) jar of sliced dill pickles in her fridge. What on earth are you supposed to do with a gallon of pickles? You either have a cookout for 1,000 or an unhealthy obsession with pickles to justify that purchase. She fortunately did not purchase the jar, but it’ll take her five years or so to get to the bottom of it.

We did, luckily, find this great use of the new pickle collection during my 4th of July visit to Kentucky.

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Stir-fried okra

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I don’t really consider myself a Southerner, although I live in Durham, North Carolina. Actually, the Triangle (Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill) appears to be much less Southern than much of the Old North State because there are so many transplants here from the rest of the country; however, there’s no denying the Southern charm, sweet tea and plethora of brightly colored pants on men and women.

Why do I not consider myself a Southerner, even though I have a rainbow of pants in my closet? I’m not too fond of sweet tea, I hate driving (a hard necessity I’ve had to embrace for my Southern living), and I really don’t eat that much Southern food. However, I’ve found one thing that pulls me closer to the South–I like okra. Although I’m from Kentucky, which I’ve come to think is more Midwestern than it likes to believe, I’m not sure that I tried okra until I moved to North Carolina, where fried okra is served at least weekly in the cafeterias at UNC.


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