Thai dressing and dipping sauce


I am officially sick of salad, but I’m praying that you aren’t like me and eat the same meal once a day for two weeks (excluding breakfast. The same breakfast everyday is a-okay with me.). That means that when you look at pictures of this salad, you think “YUM” and not “not again.” Even though I kinda frown at the spring mix in my fridge at the moment, it still definitely is possible that I think that this salad is delicious. Just look at those pictures. So many colors! It’s not just pretty, though; the normal, veggie-filled healthy entree is dressed with a Thai dressing, and it’s the secret that really makes it great. Continue reading “Thai dressing and dipping sauce”

Quick tomato sauce


This sauce might make your Italian grandmother cry. It’s effortless, and it has no heartwarming story. Being me, though, with absolutely zero drops of Italian blood pulsing through my veins and family members who think that pasta is one of those meals that you prepare when there is nothing else in the fridge, I’m not going to bother to console the weeping grandma. She needs to get with the times and make delicious tomato sauce that takes about half of an hour to throw together. No simmering for hours here– this is a great weeknight dinner when you want a home-cooked meal but just can’t put in the effort. Continue reading “Quick tomato sauce”

Spicy applesauce

applesauce3My grandma makes really good applesauce. When I was a kid (and before then I’m assuming), she made applesauce with tart little green June apples from a few trees on her farm. She’d have a big bucketful, and I’d sit and watch her peel them, sometimes trying to help but more often than not giving up. It’s hard for little fingers to get the hang of neatly peeling an apple; I only recently learned the trick to gently swirling off a thin layer of skin with a knife, removing only the slightest bit of fruit and leaving the bounty to consume. As a kid, Grandma could peel three apples to my one, and her fruits remained intact while mine bore big ugly gashes. They all taste the same, though, and uncooked, that taste makes you pucker. No one was tempted to sneak a slice; one sample of raw June apple is enough for a lifetime. They cooked up quite nicely, though.

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Hot fudge sauce

hotfudge2I mentioned earlier this week that all I want to do is sit around and eat ice cream. Although that’s not all that I’m doing, it is one of the things I’m doing and obviously thinking about often. Summer can be difficult for people with a big sweet tooth. There’s the conflict to turn on the oven for cookies, cake or even broiled peaches but then heat up the house, or to not turn on the oven and miss all of the goodies that you wish that you had. Therefore, the most practical summer dessert is ice cream.

Unfortunately, I don’t have an ice cream maker in the state in which I reside (but I do have one in another state– helpful, right?), so I don’t even have to make up excuses to buy it at the grocery store.

hotfudge6hotfudge5 Continue reading “Hot fudge sauce”