Centro torta


This blog has existed for over a year! Can you believe it? I can, and I can’t. It doesn’t feel like I’ve been working on it for over 52 weeks now, but when I look back at some of my first posts, it’s noticeable that all of the practice has improved my photography. When I look at the recipe page, too, I can’t believe that I’ve made and shared so much and so many different types of food, but I also can because I think about how I haven’t had the month of pizzas, or the month of quiches, or the month of the same dishes repeated over and over again for quite a long time. Continue reading “Centro torta”

Spicy shredded beef


I just realized that 2014 was the first (and hopefully only because I definitely have time to rectify the situation in 2015) year that I didn’t go to a basketball game. Except for a short lull in basketball fandom in high school, I was a loyal and enthusiastic Kentucky fan until my sophomore year at UNC. UNC wasn’t very good my freshman year, losing the NIT championship on the heels of an NCAA win, so I used their lackluster performance as an excuse to slow the drip of Kentucky royal blue blood that was steadily leaving my veins. When my family poked fun at me for going to Carolina, though, I promptly recited “If God isn’t a Tarheel, then why is the sky Carolina blue?” Continue reading “Spicy shredded beef”

Chai peanut butter


There is a peanut butter company in Durham that sells peanut butter nationally, primarily in local businesses but even through Food52. The products are awesome.They have your standard peanut butter, but they also have variations and mixtures with different types of nuts, some with chocolate, and a couple other flavors. I’ve only tried one type, chai spice peanut butter, and it is to die for. But a small jar of it costs $13.

$13 peanut butter is an expensive habit, so although I couldn’t resist buying one, I savored my little jar. No delicious chai peanut butter sandwiches graced my lunch routine; I only ate a smear on a small slice of bread after meals. I wanted to eat so much more though. I wanted to eat the whole jar in one sitting, and I easily could have done that. Two or three sittings might be a more reasonable approximation than one, but Ben would have polished it off at one time without a second though. Therefore, he wasn’t allowed to eat any of the special nut butter.

Continue reading “Chai peanut butter”