Warm Brussels sprout salad

sprouts2Not only does the end of summer mean you have to pack up your shorts and sundresses, but it’s the time of your tearful goodbye to the bountiful tomatoes, summer squash, peppers and all of the lovely berries and produce of long days and warm nights.

Although it’s been fall for a few weeks, and I even pulled out my flannel shirts and sweaters almost a month ago, I have yet to transition well to cooler-weather food. During fall and winter it’s easy to crave carbs and warm cheesy toppings, but I find it to be quite a difficult time for eating vegetables. Frozen veggies just aren’t as good as fresh, and I don’t particularly crave squash or root vegetables.

I feel like the foods I’ve been sharing recently that aren’t representative of what I normally eat, and I’d like to change that. I typically eat a lot of vegetables, and when cooler weather comes around, I’m always at a loss for what to eat. I generally keep to spinach and broccoli, purchasing them weekly, and then I try to add some random vegetable I see at the store that looks okay. Although I mix up my meals, the veggies can get really boring, and I tire of them. This blog requires me to get out of my cooking habits, and I think it’s a great thing–I must break my habits and expand my cool-weather veggie horizons! Continue reading “Warm Brussels sprout salad”