Creamy spinach soup


I realize that I was just recently discussing how it still feels like winter, but I must reopen this topic so I can confirm that I definitely was correct. This past weekend was just downright cold, especially given that there’d been a few daffodil-filled days in the not so distant past. I’ve been an icicle for a few days now, but according to the weather forecast, I should be thawing by later today, and hopefully fully by Thursday. I’m looking forward to it.

For the time being, though, I’ve still been looking for foods that warm me up. Luckily I found something that is quite warming and also shows glimmers of spring, and even hints toward a spring vegetable. Creamy spinach soup. Continue reading “Creamy spinach soup”

Lentil and tomato stew


I forgot that the Super Bowl is this weekend. If I’d remembered, I might have found a dip to share with you. Actually, I have a recipe for a caramelized onion dip that I’ve been wanting to try, and a Super Bowl party would have been the perfect reason to make it. It’s too late for that, though– I’m actively searching for ways to avoid hearing/watching Ben watch the game. But now I’m thinking about the dip, and now I want it, so I might make it anyway for my own not-Super Bowl party (aka me binge-watching Friends on Friday night.)

Instead of appetizers, snacks, dips, chilis and foods involving hot dogs and barbecue sauce, I’ve been focusing on the things that will get us to springtime: Foods that have some vegetables, dishes that ooze with gooey, lightly browning cheese. Dinners that you can make on a weeknight and some sweets for you to leisurely whip up on Sunday afternoon. I’m especially trying to take advantage of the citrus that’s in season– all of the oranges I’ve tasted this year have been particularly juicier and sweeter than I’ve ever noticed. (Don’t worry, at least one citrus recipe will be coming soon, and you will absolutely love it.) Continue reading “Lentil and tomato stew”

Belgian beef stew

stew1I messed up last week. I told you that I had two good sides to go with turkey, and I really did, but posting on my blog completely slipped my mind on the Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving. On Tuesday night, I got my post ready, added the pictures, even edited everything, but I got busy and forgot to post it on Wednesday. I feel bad that I left you hanging, and my excuses are lame: I woke up and finished the last Harry Potter book, which I’d been feverishly since the weekend, and, once I‘d finished, started checking off all the things on my to do list prior to a trip to Kentucky. Continue reading “Belgian beef stew”

Thai coconut curry soup

currysoup1So, it is now soup season. However, I don’t really like soup. Stews and chilis, I’m okay with, but I can’t get the least bit excited when I hear someone say that soup is for dinner. There’s so much liquid, so little substance in many soups; they never seem to actually fill me up, and they all seems to lack in the flavor department.

One of my coworkers started talking about soups the other day, and then she started to wax poetically about broth. “Are you serious?!?” I exclaimed. “WHO LIKES A BOWL OF BROTH! THAT IS EATING NOTHING!” I’m quite incredulous about this. It is just beyond me to look forward to a big bowl of nothing when meal time rolls around. Continue reading “Thai coconut curry soup”

Southwestern gazpacho

gazpacho1I guess that I fibbed a little when I said that last Thursday was the end of my tomato extravaganza. I didn’t exactly plan on making any other tomato-based recipes, although I’d thought about it. I’ve been thinking about gazpacho for a few weeks but just hadn’t gotten around to making it. Honestly, I haven’t been in the mood to really cook for maybe five days, which is a long time for me.

It’s back to being hot here– we’d been having unseasonably cool weather for North Carolina– and the sun has finally come out after two long weeks of hiding behind grey skies. I’d been okay with standing in the kitchen during the cold and dreary weather, but the heat makes me want to lounge around all day and only eat ice cream. Unfortunately, most people, including me, can’t do that, so I got off my lazy butt and made use of the tomatoes on my counter.

Continue reading “Southwestern gazpacho”