Cheesy crackers


I’m not one for snack food, but I’ll occasionally get the urge to buy some, and Cheez Its are my weakness. The cheesy, crunchy crackers are addictive and delicious. I eat that box of Cheez Its in less than a week. Cheez Its are really bad for you though, and when I’ve professed my obsession with them, multiple people have told me that they are probably engineered so that I can’t stop eating them. Therefore, I decided to make my own! All the cheesy, crunchy glory without the preservatives and mystery ingredients.

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Smoked salmon pinwheels

pinwheels together

I crave smoked salmon. I infrequently buy it, but I often want it. Last week, I caved and bought some, though. My typical preparation is simple: bread or a bagel, cream cheese and tomato. I’ve honestly gotten a little bored of that, so I whipped out an idea from the food case at my high school job– smoke salmon pinwheels.

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