Corn fritters with jalapeno


I’ve successfully not turned on my oven for two weeks. It might not be so much of a success as a challenge, since it’s quite difficult for me to restrain myself from homemade baked goods for too long. It’s almost to the point where I want to see how long I can hold out; it’s some sort of mental game that I’m playing, and everyone else thinks it’s weird. I’m really only surviving this test because of hot fudge sauce, but that’s not important for this story.

The self-imposed anti-oven challenge has reaped a reward other than a cool kitchen*: an awesome corn fritter recipe.

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shakshuka8Not surprisingly, I read a lot of food blogs. I don’t just read new posts, though. I’ll go into archives, hitting the “older” button at the bottom of the page until I’ve pressed it so many times I’m frustrated.

Something I’ve discovered from this almost obsessive reading is this dish called shakshuka. Shakshuka is from Israel, Tunisia, the Middle East and/or North Africa– those are all of the places from which I’ve read it originates. Wikipedia says it’s originally Tunisian, and I guess that’s perhaps the most reliable source for me right now.

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Spaghetti puttanesca

spaghettip3It’s finally time the time we’ve been waiting for all year: Farmer’s market tomato season. This week, I diligently went to the farmer’s market in front of my office, as I do every week, to check out the inventory. Today was the day. They had everything. Yellow squash, zucchini, peaches, peppers, cantaloupes and the prized tomatoes. I purchased four tomatoes, my hopes high with anticipation to see and eat the perfect, beautiful deep red fruit.

I went home, thinking only about tomato slices lightly sprinkled with salt, and sliced a tomato. After the first slice, my hopes and expectations came crashing down. The tomato was not the apex of summer but only slightly juicy and with whitish green spots throughout. I’m eating my farmer’s market tomatoes, but they’re not all I’d hoped for. I’ll try a different stand next week.

In the meantime, without my perfect tomatoes to satisfy my hunger, I had to actually cook something.

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Chicken teriyaki stir-fry


I’ve been binge watching Orange is the New Black recently. I’m not sure if I like it that much, but I don’t dislike it, and it’s interesting and entertaining. In the summer, when good TV shows are pretty slim pickings, those are the only qualities I look for in TV.

And I’ve come to find that binge watching TV is one of my talents. Shows I’ve binge watched in the past six months: Sherlock (most obsessively 1 ½ seasons in one day), Everybody Loves Raymond, Mr. Selfridge’s. Okay, I guess that’s really all– Raymond has a ton of episodes though.


in pan

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Veggie tacos


I’m a bit of a picky eater*, but I’m pretty good at limiting my pickiness to when I’m preparing food or when my family is preparing food for me. Actually, that’s wrong. My mom and my boyfriend are the only people from whom I will flat out refuse to eat something, and my excuse is that they should know what I will and will not eat because I’ve voiced my opinions loud and clear to them multiple times. It drives them up the wall.

Every time I visit my mom, she asks me a week beforehand what I’d like to eat because she says it’s so difficult to please me. I’m not usually much help (mostly because one of the great things about visiting your mom is that she’ll plan meals, grocery shop and cook for you!), but she knows what I like. One of the times I visited my mom last year, she made this. I’ve been addicted to it since. She told me she found this recipe while flipping through Oprah’s magazine, and she automatically knew I’d like it. She was right. It’s fresh, wholesome and spicy, and it’s easy.


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