Spicy shredded beef


I just realized that 2014 was the first (and hopefully only because I definitely have time to rectify the situation in 2015) year that I didn’t go to a basketball game. Except for a short lull in basketball fandom in high school, I was a loyal and enthusiastic Kentucky fan until my sophomore year at UNC. UNC wasn’t very good my freshman year, losing the NIT championship on the heels of an NCAA win, so I used their lackluster performance as an excuse to slow the drip of Kentucky royal blue blood that was steadily leaving my veins. When my family poked fun at me for going to Carolina, though, I promptly recited “If God isn’t a Tarheel, then why is the sky Carolina blue?” Continue reading “Spicy shredded beef”

Belgian beef stew

stew1I messed up last week. I told you that I had two good sides to go with turkey, and I really did, but posting on my blog completely slipped my mind on the Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving. On Tuesday night, I got my post ready, added the pictures, even edited everything, but I got busy and forgot to post it on Wednesday. I feel bad that I left you hanging, and my excuses are lame: I woke up and finished the last Harry Potter book, which I’d been feverishly since the weekend, and, once I‘d finished, started checking off all the things on my to do list prior to a trip to Kentucky. Continue reading “Belgian beef stew”