Spring risotto


The past couple of weeks have been pretty busy for me, and the following few weeks will be, too. Not too busy time-wise, but event/plans wise. Work, volunteering, going to the beach, normal stuff, and now classes, which also have homework. Yes, my cooking classes have begun! I guess I’m officially a student again, but I don’t feel like a student, so I’m not identifying as it. I’m still up for any and all student discounts, though, and my community college ID has no expiration date, so I suppose that I can use it forever. Hooray for a perpetual JCrew discount. Continue reading “Spring risotto”

Whole-grain breakfast bars


Breakfast, as you already know, is the most important meal of the day. It’s important to have something wholesome, and of course you also want the first thing you eat for the day to be delicious. However, it’s so easy to grab a granola bar or Pop tart or to skip the meal altogether, but I know that every time that I have a doughnut for breakfast, I’m hungry within two hours and regret the decision. Continue reading “Whole-grain breakfast bars”

Saffron rice


Last spring, I found a new food obsession: Risotto. This fall, I found a new food obsession: Saffron rice. (I never found a good time to share it in the fall, but now I have.) Oddly enough, though, I’ve never been a fan of rice. I never want to eat it, I never want to make it, and I really only use it to mix with whatever saucy food is sitting atop it. It’s bland, pretty dull looking and the texture’s kinda funky too, if you choose to think about the oddity that is rice. However, considering that Wikipedia says that rice constitutes more than 20% of the calories the world eats, most people in the world clearly do not think like me.

Continue reading “Saffron rice”

Chicken tikka masala


We’re in the depths of comfort-food time. I feel like I’ve been eating more comfort food than I have for a long time–you’ll see some more examples from my table soon enough. For everyone involved, I hope that they’ll be ready way before swimsuit season comes around.

One thing I’ve learned from all this comfort food I’m eating, though, is that it the recipes for it make a lot of servings. Maybe part of the comfort you get from them is peace of mind from not cooking for a few days? I don’t really consider not cooking comforting, and I think we’re in the same camp since you’re reading a food blog, but it can be really nice to come home and eat leftovers for a few nights. Continue reading “Chicken tikka masala”