Lemon and zucchini tea cakes


I have not been taking full advantage of summer produce this year. Most of this is because since I no longer work in an office, I no longer have a farmer’s market magically pop up in the street in front of my place of work once a week. I used that as a nice little 15 minute break from office air conditioning, walking around, checking out the goods, and riding up the elevator with a few bags of freshly picked, local produce in my arms. Now, I actually have to make some effort to go to the farmer’s market, and although it isn’t a hassle at all, I have to think about it, and I only seem to remember it an hour after it’s closed. Continue reading “Lemon and zucchini tea cakes”

Whole lemon bars


Earlier this month, I was in a major cooking rut. I didn’t cook much over the holidays, and it was tough to get back to normal. There were loads of sweets in my house (if you can resist 70% off Christmas candy, then you are a stronger person than I), and I wanted the stash to be whittled down a bit before I began to add onto it with homemade goodies. I enjoy baking much more than cooking, and since I wasn’t doing that, I didn’t really want to do any of the food preparation thing. I did, though, and I’ve made it to the top of the hill. The Rolos are also mostly hidden in the depths of the pantry now; hopefully, they’ll be a happy surprise in a couple of months. So straightaway, it’s back into the kitchen, and especially back to baking. Continue reading “Whole lemon bars”

Raspberry streusel bars

raspberrybars5Dating someone who doesn’t love sweets and baked goods is a real downer for me; I love them so much that I always need to have something in the house. Sometimes my something sweet is a cake, sometimes cookies, sometimes there are desperate times and it’s semisweet chocolate chips.

Since I always want to eat baked goods, I make them pretty often. Unfortunately (but also fortunately), I frequently am the sole person who eats the batch of whatever has been prepared. Every now and then, though, I’ll make something that tempts Ben, and the next thing I know, it’s gone the next day. These raspberry crumble bars are one of those few and far between baked goods. Continue reading “Raspberry streusel bars”

Hazelnut chewies

chewies5Last year when I was looking for a cookie to make for the Christmas cookie party, I decided that I wanted to make something new, something that I’d never had before. I poured over my collection of cookie recipes (okay it’s mainly just two versions of America’s Test Kitchen’s holiday cookies edition) and decided on these hazelnut, Nutella-filled cookies.

chewies1chewies6Of all the foods in the world, I think that Nutella may be the one thing that everyone unanimously loves. I’ve never heard of anyone who dislikes Nutella, and I’ve never heard anyone ever turn down an offered spoonful. It’s basically the universal food of happiness. There’s really no way to go wrong with this recipe since it contains a lot of Nutella. Continue reading “Hazelnut chewies”

Gingerbread teddy bears


This week kicks off Christmas cookie week. If you’re lucky, you’ll be taking off some time from work in the near future and have time to relax, have fun and make some goodies. I’m pretty excited about the prospect of all of these things, but I’m particularly excited about the goodies.

There’s just something exciting and happy and warm about making Christmas cookies. I really love cookies all of the time, and there aren’t any specific cookies that I only reserve for the holidays, but I’m going to kick off with the one you’re most likely to only make for a very special occasion: Gingerbread teddy bears. Continue reading “Gingerbread teddy bears”


snickerdoodle1I have major problems with technology. I’ve broken a Kindle without doing anything to it. I’m on my fourth phone in a month. However, I did have the first phone for five years. But then it died. (I was so sad. When you have something so long, it’s difficult to get used to a new phone.) So I ordered a new phone, but I was sleeping on the beach, and a wave came up closer than expected, seawater seeped into my beach bag, and the phone got wet. I kept it in rice for a week, and although it turns on, the keyboard doesn’t register.

On to an old brick phone. I used it for a few days and managed to lose the charger. Now I’m on the last old brick phone in my house. I can’t find the back of it, but I’ve taped in the battery. I could buy a new phone, but I’m just not in the mood right now. I have no desire to have a smartphone, so I’ll battle through texting with T9 again.snickerdoodle8

Continue reading “Snickerdoodles”