Boozy eggnog

I have a tale to tell about this eggnog. I found the recipe in the summer, and I filed it away for more appropriate weather, knowing that there’d be a wintertime function where it’d be appropriate.

Of course a wintertime event came (the cookie party that I can’t stop talking about for some reason), and I was prepared. I bought extra eggs; I bought extra milk. I was quite excited– I’d never had homemade eggnog before, and I really like eggnog. The store bought stuff seems to get a bad rap in some circles, but regardless of the questionable ingredients they have, I like the thick, sweet libation. Of course homemade would be even better, so I had no hesitations.

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Magical coffee

coffee1I’m not a coffee drinker. I don’t even own a coffee pot. Coffee tends to make me jittery, and that’s an unpleasant feeling. I only occasionally drink it at work, and if a house guest wants it, we can make a quick trip to Starbucks.

Side note on Starbucks: I went a few days ago because I felt tired and really needed a special treat. I only go to Starbucks (or coffee shops for that matter) maybe four times a year, mainly because of my aforementioned lack of addiction and love of coffee, but it was a dark, dreary morning, and I didn’t even care of the caffeine made me feel a little haywire. Continue reading “Magical coffee”