I’m Stella, and let me introduce you to my kitchen. It is small, with about 4 feet square of counter space (plus an additional 2 feet square from a movable kitchen island that I can’t live without), but I can manage to whip up tasty food and create a large mess in the tiny space. I began cooking with my grandmother at a young age, and the early years of flipping my grandfather’s fried eggs and watching my grandma make me milkshakes have developed into a lifelong passion for cooking and good food.


I love food, and I love cooking and baking, but I don’t like wasting my time, effort and money. I especially dislike wasting these things in my little kitchen, which I’ve officially decided is my favorite place to spend time. And that’s why I’ve made this blog– I don’t want you to dislike any of the time, effort or money you spend in your kitchen because a recipe didn’t turn out as hoped or expected. I review the recipes I make in my kitchen so you know what you’re going to get yourself into in yours. If a recipe isn’t worth it, I’ll tell you, and I’ll find a replacement that will be worth it. I also share my successes, and I work to simplify and improve recipes to make them the best I can.

On each recipe, you see a rating, 1 to 5 stars. 1 is lowest, meaning the recipe was pretty much a dud, and 5 is the highest: It’s basically perfection, and you’re missing out if you don’t at least consider making it soon. I primarily share higher ranked recipes, since they are the ones that are truly worth the effort or often are great and lack much work at all, but you’ll occasionally find a dud with a better option to replace it.

I hope to help you enjoy your time in the kitchen as much as I enjoy being in mine, and even when I do end up with a few disappointing recipes, at least I can share them with you.

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  1. Hi Stella,
    I am a friend of your Mom and she sent me the link to your blog. I enjoyed it and will continue to check it periodically.
    I am anxious to try your grandma’s strawberry shortcake. Keep up the good work.

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