Pig and peach crostini


It is peach season! It is tomato season! It is green bean season! It is watermelon season, and okra season, and squash and corn and blackberry season, and the season of so many other types of great produce. That means that although the the rise in temperature may correspond with the decline of your desire to actually cook, you can make easy meals without any heat.

I have quite a few recipes in the archives from last year that fit this bill, but you can never have enough heat-free options. At least I can’t.


I ate at a restaurant recently that had a special with peaches and country ham. I don’t actually know what the dish is, because when my friend and I decided to order it, it had already sold out, but I kept thinking about the combination and decided to figure out something on my own. The whole sweet peach with salty country ham just sounded really great, so I had to figure out a way to put them together. Although I’m not certain, there is a slight chance that I saw the dish waiting to be picked up by a waiter at the restaurant, so I decided that the special was a crostini/open-faced sandwich sort of deal. That makes perfect sense to me, anyway.

This is super simple– you really can’t get anything easier. Slice a baguette and toast it; spread on some goat cheese, top it with some savory, thinly shaved country ham or prosciutto (I’ve made it with both). Find a perfect peach at the farmer’s market, and thinly slice it, and place a slice or two atop the meat. Finally, sprinkle on thinly sliced basil. Pour a glass of chilled wine, and relax. That’s all you need for a nice summer dinner, and you could pair the crostini with some other equally dishes for a nice party.



Pig and peach crostini
makes enough for 4 appetizer servings or 2 main course servings

Note: I know peach and pig sounds kind of weird, but I’m not specifying the type of meat in the name since proscuitto and country ham both work really well here.


½ baguette, sliced in ½ inch slices
2-3 ounces goat cheese
2 ounces prosciutto or country ham, thinly sliced
1 peach, cut into ¼ inch slices
5 basil leaves, cut in chiffonade (very thin slices)


1. Arrange baguette slices on a sheet pan. Stick in the oven, turn it on at 350F. Once it heats up to 350, turn the oven off. Cook for 10 minutes after you’ve turned the oven off. Allow slices to cool.

2. Spread a spoonful of goat cheese on each baguette slice. Top with roughly 2 square inches of prosciutto or country ham, and then top with two peach slices. Sprinkle basil over the peaches, and serve.

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