Asparagus revuelto


You may have noticed that I’ve been making a lot of salads as of late, and you might be hoping that this trend stops, or is at least slowed a little, and I’m right there with you. I need to share some more exciting things rather than “vegetables this way.” It just so happens that I tend to eat a lot of veggies, and I’m always looking for new ways to eat them. Once it starts getting warm, too, I especially start to make dinner by sticking whatever is in the fridge on top of greens and calling it a meal. However, I’m yet again going to actively be working to have more diversity on this site. I’m sure the salad things won’t stop (I already have an idea of something that is really, really good for next week), but hopefully I’ll have more variety to share with you in the not too distant future.

Luckily for you, this recipe is for asparagus revuelto is a main dish (with veggies of course!) that works for breakfast, lunch or dinner, makes use of the lovely springtime asparagus popping up at all of the markets and grocery stores, comes together pretty quickly, and is absolutely delicious. It’s a pretty humble dish–any dish that’s main ingredient is eggs is pretty humble– but I wouldn’t hesitate serving this to any guests or even at a casual dinner party. The recipe below is only for two servings, but it’s easy to do some multiplication and make it for a crowd.


Revuelto meals mixed, stirred up, etc., in Spanish, so asparagus revuelto is basically scrambled eggs with asparagus. This has chorizo in it too, and that’s what makes it really good. I used Mexican chorizo, which you can buy in a casing or not in a casing, and it isn’t cooked; you can also use Spanish chorizo, which is more salami-like and is ready-to-eat when you purchase it. Either chorizo brings a little spice and smokiness, and the fried bread cubes that you top the dish with give asparagus revuelto a nice crunch and help it qualify as a one-dish meal.

Asparagus revuelto requires pretty much no planning, and you likely have most of the ingredients already in the fridge. If you make a quick stop at the grocery store for asparagus and chorizo, you can whip this up in 30 minutes for dinner tonight. That sounds like a great salad-free dinner plan to me!





Asparagus revuelto
slightly adapted from The New York Times
makes 2 servings


Note: Leftover eggs are a no-go for me, so I reduced the recipe to how many servings I need at a time–two. This recipe is easily doubled or tripled.


olive oil
1 garlic clove, peeled, plus 1 garlic clove, minced
1 cup bread cubes, cut into ½ inch cubes
black pepper
½ of a link of chorizo, either Spanish or Mexican (if using Spanish, dice the chorizo)
½ bunch asparagus (about ¾ pound), ends snapped off and cut into 1 to 2 inch pieces
4 green onions, chopped
5 large eggs, beaten


1. Pour one big glug (about 1 tablespoon) olive oil in a cast iron skillet and heat over medium-high heat. Add the peeled whole garlic clove to the pan, and let it sizzle until browned. Remove the garlic clove, add bread cubes to the pan and lower the heat to medium. Add a pinch of salt and pepper, and saute until the bread is crisp and lightly browned. Remove the bread cubes and set aside to cool.

2. Add the chorizo to the pan (if using Mexican chorizo, remove the meat from the casing and break it up with a spatula in the pan), and cook until lightly browned, stirring occasionally. Add the asparagus to the pan, season with a pinch of salt and pepper, and cook for about 5 minutes, until the asparagus is crisp-tender, cooked but still firm.

3. Add the green onions and the minced garlic clove, and toss with a spatula until fragrant, about one minute.

4. Season the beaten eggs with salt and pepper, and then scrape it into the skillet. Cook, stirring constantly, until the eggs are cooked as you desire. If you like softer eggs, this will be 2 to 3 minutes; if you prefer more well-done eggs, it’ll be about 5. Once cooked, divide between two plates, top with bread cubes, and serve.

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