Boozy eggnog

I have a tale to tell about this eggnog. I found the recipe in the summer, and I filed it away for more appropriate weather, knowing that there’d be a wintertime function where it’d be appropriate.

Of course a wintertime event came (the cookie party that I can’t stop talking about for some reason), and I was prepared. I bought extra eggs; I bought extra milk. I was quite excited– I’d never had homemade eggnog before, and I really like eggnog. The store bought stuff seems to get a bad rap in some circles, but regardless of the questionable ingredients they have, I like the thick, sweet libation. Of course homemade would be even better, so I had no hesitations.


The problem was that I needed to transport the mixed, whipped and folded creamy goodness to my friend’s house.


It spilled over twice in the car on the way there. I’ve since cleaned it up using this product that is meant for animal owners, and it worked pretty well on the dairy-alcohol mixture, but only about ¼ of the KitchenAid mixer bowl was left full of eggnog, leaving me disappointed and frustrated. The huge vat of eggnog I meant to share with lots of people became a miniscule amount; the few people who tried it only had a couple spoonfuls, and luckily Ben and I had both sampled a glass before I left the apartment.

However, everyone who tried the eggnog thought it was tasty. If you’re like me and are accustomed to the store-bought variety, it’s completely different. It’s frothy and boozy, but the alcohol isn’t overwhelming nor does it taste strong–it flavors the drink and compliments it, seemingly lightening the creamy richness of the egg-cream-milk-sugar-ice cream mixture.

Although I ended up losing most of the drink, I’m glad that I made it and tried it, and I’ll definitely keep this in mind for any future holiday parties. I’ll just be sure to bring the party to the eggnog instead of bringing eggnog to the party.



Boozy eggnog
from The Food52 Cookbook
makes 12 servings

Note: This eggnog contains raw eggs. I have no qualms about eating raw eggs– I eat raw cookie dough, cake batter and brownie batter whenever I make them, and there has never been a problem. I think it’s worth warning anyone who partakes that it has raw egg in it, though.

This is actually 1/3 the original recipe. It made a lot of eggnog–5 quarts, approximately, which would have definitely been plenty for everyone at my party had most of it not dumped out in my car.


8 large eggs, separated
⅔ cup granulated sugar
1 ⅓ cup bourbon
⅔ cup brandy
1 ⅓ cup cream
5 ⅓ cup milk
2 healthy scoops vanilla ice cream
nutmeg, for serving


1. In a very large bowl, beat together egg yolks and sugar with a whisk until lemon-colored and thick,, about 2 minutes.

2. Stir in bourbon and brandy. Stir in milk and cream.

3. Break up the vanilla ice cream and add in chunks.

4. In a separate bowl, whip egg whites using a stand or hand mixer until stiff, about 5 minutes.

5. Fold the egg whites into the mixture and refrigerate 30 minutes.

6. Using a ladle, pour out servings and sprinkle with nutmeg.

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