Cooking with fire

Last week I attended (half of) a talk with Paula Marcoux, author of Cooking with Fire. I unfortunately missed learning about how and why she started cooking with fire–literally, she makes a fire pit in her backyard, on the beach or in a fireplace– but the parts I did catch were incredible. She cooks sea bass nailed to a nearly “ignited” cherry wood plank positioned just to the side and above the fire, pita over a stack of twigs and makes the crunchy sugar seal of creme brulee with a flat piece of hot metal.

I lack a yard, and my fire-making skills could use some practice, so I don’t think that I’ll be able to cook in the way of my ancestors anytime soon, but it was amazing to learn about. Continue reading “Cooking with fire”

Spicy shrimp for two

shrimp7I don’t frequently cook seafood. It’s not that I don’t like it, but my mom nor my grandma do, so neither cook it. Therefore, I don’t really know how to cook it. I like it, though, and I’m going to try to think about going out of my comfort zone and preparing it more often.

From what one of my friends has told me, most people just stick fish in the oven to cook it. She says it’s pretty easy. I’ve found out on my own that shrimp is easier than that. All you really have to do is stick a little oil in a pan, throw in the shrimp, let them get pink on one side, flip them and let them get pink on the other side. Voila.

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Big cinnamon apple pancake

pancake4I have a not-so-secret secret. I don’t love brunch. It seems like everyone in the world except for me would eat brunch or breakfast foods for every meal if given the chance. I mean, breakfast food is fine, but I’d choose a sandwich and a salad over a stack of pancakes any day.

It’s not that I don’t eat breakfast either; I do, every day. I typically have some sort of fruit and a bowl of cereal (right now Great Grains Crunchy Pecan) or eggs if I’m feeling adventurous. But my friends know to not ask me to brunch; I’ll go occasionally, but it’s really not my thing. I can make all of that stuff for pennies! Even free range eggs cost less than a quarter each at the grocery store; you can buy a waffle iron for  $30 and supply endless brunches until the end of time for the cost of three restaurant brunches! Continue reading “Big cinnamon apple pancake”

Melting tomatoes

melttom1The days have started getting shorter, and I’ve realized that I’m going to need to start solely cooking for the blog on the weekends. By the time that I get home currently, I have about half of an hour of daylight, and the status of the light streaming through the kitchen windows is only so-so; in January, even in a few weeks, I’ll have none, and my pictures will be shameful.

Regardless of the pictures, though, I made a frittata this week that I was planning to like a lot, but it was quite disappointing. I was going to share that, but really, it’s not worth your time–look for a reworked version of it in the not so distant future. I had tried this recipe for melting tomatoes last week, so luckily I had a backup plan.

Although of this recipe the idea is great, the original was just too much. Too much oil, too much salt, too much pepper. I adjusted the measurements, and it’s greatly improved. Continue reading “Melting tomatoes”

Veggie wrap

wrap1I had the busiest Tuesday of my life this week. I might have overscheduled a bit, and this is coming from the girl whose aunt’s family was on an episode of Oprah in the early 2000s entitled “The Overscheduled Child.” (For real. I was there; it was boring. All I got was a free book about overscheduled children.)

I woke up, did blog stuff, went to work, went to register for a culinary certificate at a community college, went to a 2+ hour meeting for the Race for the Cure, raced to JCrew before it closed to get a sweater that I’d called about and asked them to hold, and finally meandered home at about 9:15.

I know that lots of people often do much more than that every day, but for me, that’s too full.

The moral of this story is that I haven’t had much time yet to prepare food this week. I do have all of the ingredients for a summer lunch that I often prepare, so I’m going to share that with you. Continue reading “Veggie wrap”

White bean dip

 dip1This week, I grabbed a bunch of cans from the pantry to make three bean salad. I knew that I had all of the beans needed in the pantry– Ben gets frustrated in the bean aisle, endlessly searching for the correct cans, so when he finds what he needs, he buys at least twice the amount desired– and I was on autopilot. I opened one can, green beans! I opened another, kidney beans! The last, though, cannellini beans? That was not what I needed…oops. I found the can of wax beans hidden in the pantry, and I stuck the cannellini beans in the refrigerator to figure out what to do with later. Continue reading “White bean dip”


crepes2In case you didn’t know, my boyfriend is French. To the disappointment of one of my co-workers, he doesn’t wear v-neck t-shirts, and he sounds more British than French when speaking English. Without knowing him, it’s very difficult to figure out where he’s from, especially since his accent is slowly diminishing from residing in the US and since he doesn’t do anything that particularly screams “France” in daily life.

One thing he does do, though, is make crepes.

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